Покана за участие в конференция – Скопие 2016

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Конференция “Разместване и културни конфликти: Миграция, диаспора, тероризъм и граници (MDTB)”
Септември 2016 година в Скопие, Македония


The Conference aims at underlying the different theoretical discourses that approach the subject of migrations from several different aspects, including: the polarization of the world; the threats to peace and security; issues tied to global diversity; socio-economic inequalities; cultural shifts, etc. Fourth Annual International Conference of CCCS 2016: “Dislocations and cultural conflicts, migration, diaspora, terrorism, borders (MDTG)” welcomes the participation of researchers of culture, literature, history, philosophy, art, religion, sociology, media, linguistic, and all interested in the topic. We welcome abstracts pertaining to the theme of the conference, and the broader field of study. The deadline for submissions is 15 March 2016. For more information, please see the full call for papers here. Feel free to contact organizers with any questions.

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