Political Finance in Eastern Europe

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The Transitional Period


Edited by: Daniel Smilov and Jurij Toplak

Table of Contents
Introduction 4
Party Funding, Campaign Finance and Corruption in Eastern Europe – Daniel Smilov

Bulgaria 32
Campaign Finance in Bulgaria – Dobrin Kanev

Croatia 56
Party and Campaign Financing in Croatia – Josip Kregar, Viktor Gotovac, and Djordje

Czech Republic 73
Party Funding in the Czech Republic – Císa Ondej and Tomáš Petr

Hungary 96
Party Funding in Hungary- Zsolt Enyedi

Macedonia 108
Party Funding and Campaign Finance in Macedonia – Renata Treneska

Poland 131
Political Finance in Poland – Marcin Walecki

Russia 156
Party Funding in Russia – Jeff Gleisner

Serbia 177
Party Finance in Serbia – Vladimir Goati

Slovenia 189
Party Funding in Slovenia – Jurij Toplak

Ukraine 209
Political Finance in Ukraine – Oleh Protsyk and Marcin Walecki

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